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Who We Are

We are a Christian Bible-believing organisation founded in May 2008 to promote the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We exist to teach people who may come in contact with the organisation to understand the life changing principles taught by Jesus Christ and to help humanity to live victorious and successful lives

The Church (Christ Ambassadors Family Church) which is an essential arm of the ministries started meeting with eight original members and have continued to grow both spiritually and in numbers. 

We are a very happy bunch of people and although we are multicultural and from different backgrounds, we are uniquely united as one big family under God.

Visiting Us

You are only a visitor once just like all of us were before we became committed and dedicated members of this Church.

If you are thinking of visiting us for the first time or looking for a church to attend, you will find us welcoming. We understand that you may be visiting a church for the very time or you may not have had a pleasant experience in a church that you previously attended; so our primary goal to you as a first-time comer is to make sure that you enjoy your visit.

Christ Ambassadors Family Church has different worship services and meetings. Information about these meetings are detailed in our Key Activities page

A Taste of our Sunday Service

In line with our Mission Statement and Vision, every Sunday service starts with a time of singing songs of praise and worship led by the Worship Team. This may then be followed by a time of congregational prayer. We may also take time to share testimonies about God’s goodness in our lives.

Usually about this time during the service, the Children will depart the main service to attend Sunday School organised conducted by the Children’s Department while the main service continues with the sharing of the Word by Pastor Timi or the speaker for that week.

Giving Money

We believe in giving money in line with what the Bible teaches in relation to Tithes and Offerings: in view of this, members of the church are given the opportunity to give money during the service towards supporting the Vision and the Activities of the Church. It is not compulsory to give either as a member or as a visitor.

How do I become a Member

You are only a visitor once; if you decide to attend our church then you qualify to be a member. We strongly encourage our members to acknowledge Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour and to then proceed to partake in the foundation teachings (Membership classes) designed for members. The classes would normally take place on the last Sunday of each month

Will I be able to take Communion?

We believe in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ as an essential act of our redemption from sin, sickness, disease and the power of the evil one; For this reason, we celebrate this historic event on every first Sunday of each month by partaking in Holy Communion as Jesus commanded.

Sharing together

At the end of each Sunday service we mingle together, sharing fellowship with light freshment served by the Hospitality Team. Please feel free to chat with members and if you want to speak to the Pastor or any of the leadership team, you will have the opportunity to do so